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Faralya village dates back to Lycian times with less than 500 people living across the 20km stretch which makes up the village. There are some ruins of the Lycian settlement of Perdicia.

There are several small simple village restaurants in the village scattered along the road. They are little more than a family kitchen that caters for passers-by meaning the food is both simple and fresh. Faralya has a few small markets (shops) which only sell basics. There are regular Dolmus (minibus) services running between Faralya & Olu Deniz & Fethiye, please check times with your local Simpson representative.

Kelebek Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) is a naturally protected area and therefore building is prohibited in the area. Due to the humidity of the waterfalls you will find an amazing amount of plants and various other wildlife including at least 35 different species of butterfly, as well as many types of night butterfly or moth. Butterfly Valley is only accessible by sea.

From Faralya the nearest beaches are Kidrak and Olu Deniz.

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